What We Take For Granted

Recently I was saddened with the news of the passing of my childhood pediatrician. Dr. Tonniges was a wonderful doctor, an advocate for children and an exceptional human being. I took a moment to reflect on what we can so easily take for granted.

We have all grown up with access to quality healthcare and it is nearly impossible for us to take in, on a personal level each day, what a gift it truly is. Maybe that is a bit of the beauty of our life, that we are not troubled or saddled with thinking about our healthcare. On the other hand, when things become so common place we can often overlook them. As my vocation is also my passion, I am grateful for a pediatrician who was kind, caring and truly let his passion show in his work.

All around the world, in places like Haiti, having a local pediatrician is almost unheard of. Here at my practice at The Juno Group I am reminded of what a difference a compassionate person makes. I love my work her in the states, and love how it enables my work in Haiti to continue. My heart is with the women and children of Haiti. I hope that in some small way I will honor the memory of those who have gone before me and lived a life of service