Special: Our Client’s Share How They Told Him

Julie: The grocery store by our house has a few parking spaces reserved for expecting mothers. We ran out of milk one evening, so my husband and I headed to the store. I was sure to grab the keys and jump into the driver’s seat. When we got to the store I pulled into that “specific spot.” He immediately said, “Sweetheart, you can’t park here!” I responded with a big smile and an, “Ohhhh, but I can!” It took him a few seconds, but he figured it out and was so excited.

Tina: Before my husband came home from work I wrote “Mama’s Pregnant” on a piece of paper and attached it to our dog’s collar. When my husband walked in the door, our dog ran to greet him. He saw the note right away and couldn’t stop smiling.


For Father’s Day each year the only gifts my husband receives is usually from our three year-old son. When I found out I was expecting this year, I decided to wrap up my pregnancy test in a small box with pink and blue tissue paper. When my three year-old delivered the gift on Father’s Day he was wearing his “Big Brother” shirt. My husband didn’t totally catch it at first, but once he opened the box the whole thing came together and he was ecstatic!

We share so many joys with our patients! Tell us your fun story of how you told your partner you were expecting! We’d love to hear it!