Q & A: Infertility

Q: What is infertility?

A: Infertility is a condition of the reproduction system that interferes with the ability to conceive. It’s typically defined as not being able to get pregnant after having regular unprotected sex for one year. Infertility also includes the inability to carry a pregnancy to term.

Q: What are primary causes of infertility?

A: For men, a sperm disorder is the primary cause of infertility. No sperm, low sperm or a problem with how the sperm are moving could cause a problem with a man’s infertility. An ovulation disorder is usually the primary cause of infertility for women. Other common causes for women may include a blockage of the fallopian tubes or hormonal defects.

Q: What are main risk factors for infertility?

A: Age, chronic conditions, medication, lifestyle (including smoking, sexually transmitted diseases and alcohol and drug use) and weight can all affect your risk factors for infertility. To learn more about your risk, contact the Juno Group today at 417.624.2621 to set up a consultation.

Infertility as a medical condition is only a part of the education. At the Juno Group we know infertility brings many emotional and relational hardships. We’re always here to listen and guide and your partner through this journey.