Omg. Here Comes “the Talk”

At the Juno Group we are frequently asked for advice on how to discuss “the birds and the bees.” We believe it is important to be open and honest with your daughter, it’s ok to tell her that you’re embarrassed about the subject matter too. It might be best to start with an anatomically correct book or drawings of the reproductive system to explain to your daughter how and why her body is changing in order to better prepare her for puberty. This way she will be know what to expect as her body develops and her period won’t be a surprise.

When it comes to discussing sex with your daughter it is important to give your daughter the information she needs and keep the line of communication open should she have questions later. We at the Juno Group believe the mother daughter bond is powerful and beautiful, and growing into womanhood only strengthens that bond. The “talk” is more than just passing along information; it’s a dialogue over many years! For more resources call the Juno Group at 417.624.2621.