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Looking for a solution to heavy menstruation? Gynecare Thermachoice® might be the right choice for you. Intended for pre-menopausal women with heavy bleeding due to benign causes who do not wish to become pregnant in the future, Thermachoice® is minimally invasive and is available as an out-patient procedure at the Juno Group. Thermachoice® is a […]

Self-care Is Not Selfish

In the midst of raising children, working, caring for parents and so much more, women tend to put their own needs aside, including healthcare. For today’s modern woman, there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish it all. Remembering to take time out each year to get a well-woman exam is one of […]

What’s In A Name?

Known by many names, the goddess Juno has been worshipped by ancient civilizations for millennia. Juno has been known as the Queen of the Gods, the counterpart of Jupiter, the Protector of Women, a Guardian Angel and the goddess of Safe Return. Although we no longer have temples in Juno’s honor we still value what […]

Clean Out Your Closet

I totally understand it is not springtime, but you can get a tremendous head start with this new campaign. We are raising $5,000 for much needed healthcare for women and children in Haiti. All you have to do is order a FREE bag and start cleaning out your closet! Just visit the group link: http://thred.me/1xGbJ9q […]

Another Beautiful Life

Every new face is a total celebration at Labor of Love and today we got to welcome Baby Haddasa to the world. This beautiful mom, Lucia, is so proud. Would you be shocked to know that it only costs us $25 for all of newborn delivery supplies per birth? It kind of makes you think […]

What We Take For Granted

Recently I was saddened with the news of the passing of my childhood pediatrician. Dr. Tonniges was a wonderful doctor, an advocate for children and an exceptional human being. I took a moment to reflect on what we can so easily take for granted. We have all grown up with access to quality healthcare and […]

What A Wonderful World

I got to love on Baby Esther and GiGi at church this morning, then the team unpacked 27 50# packs to get ready for surgery, and I have a box of propophol. This proves that God provides what we need!

The Big Day 3

Haiti 1/16/13. Day three on these mission trips always are big ones for the team. Dr. Coy and Dr. Baker did a colostomy reversal on the most precious two year old girl. My girlfriends Yvrose Telfort Ismael and Marie Desroses stopped by the maternity clinic with their new premature baby Jaebetta! To give babies like this a chance to […]